Burger King’s Mega Burger: “Crown the One-Pounder”! 🍔👑

Tokyo foodies, brace yourselves! If you’ve ever wanted to make up for those skipped breakfasts or light lunches, Burger King has just the solution. The latest king-size offering from their royal kitchen is the “Crown the One-Pounder”!

Available from August 11th, it’s not just big in name but heavy in the game. We’re talking 502 grams of pure, unadulterated burger bliss, clocking in at a sizzling 1,399kcal. Let’s dive into the cheesy details.

Dive into a Cheese Ocean! 🧀

One cheese? Meh. Two cheeses? Okay. Three cheeses? Getting there. But FOUR different cheeses? Now you’re talking, Burger King!

This mammoth burger boasts the “Cheese Crown Bun”, which is a delicious creation in itself:

  • Gouda: A zesty number.
  • Egmont: Silky and smooth.
  • Mozzarella: With that hint of sweetness.
  • Cheddar: Because, well, everything’s better with Cheddar!

These cheeses are infused into the bun dough, fermented, and then topped again with hand-layered Cheddar before baking. It’s a cheesy masterpiece, folks.

Nestled within this cheesy fortress are:

  • Four beef patties (because why stop at three?).
  • Six layers of Cheddar cheese (oh, we’re counting).
  • Zesty pickles for that sharp bite.
  • Crunchy, fresh onions.

The result? A flavor bomb that explodes with each bite. It’s like the fireworks during a summer festival, but in your mouth.

Tackling the One-Pounder!

Considering how to conquer this colossus? Pro tip: Ask for it to be “half-cut” when ordering. You can then dive right into its oozy, cheesy heart with far more grace than we’d manage!

The Royal Price Tag & Bonus

Monarch-worthy meals come with a price, and the “Crown the One-Pounder” will set you back 2,040 yen. But hey, there’s a silver lining! Each purchase gets you a free original sticker (while stocks last). Bragging rights, anyone?

Ready to embark on this gourmet adventure? Dash to your nearest Burger King and claim your crown (and sticker). Don’t forget to capture the moment; your social media followers won’t believe it otherwise!

Hungry for more details? Check out Burger King’s official site. 🍔👑🎉