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                11. 4. walk their own way, either hit others, or was hit by others.

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                  rightWhere ideals exist, hell is heaven.Be bold and show yourself. There is no reason why others despise you.67. It is impossible for a person to keep the end of life in a circle.54.Life is like a red iron bar. It takes a lot of hard work to go well.

                  49. What really matters is not the years of life, but the years of life.

                  43. A bold attempt is only half the success.96. I think setbacks and tribulations are good opportunities for exercising will and strengthening ability. Zou Tao-fenBe a sunny person. Not sad, not anxious. Strong, upward, close to the sun, become a better self, you do not need too much praise from others, because you know how good you are. The strength of the heart is always better than the flashy appearance.20. No one becomes a wise man by virtue of learning. Learning may come from diligence, but wit and wisdom are lazy in talent. John Selden83. Opportunities are open only to enterprising people.4. the most difficult time, we are not far from success.3. don't give up, try again! I'm sure we can stick to it!13. Desire lifts the mountains with enthusiasm and perseverance.171. The most terrible thing in life is that you are in a group of people willing to mediocre, a little bit of the fight, willing to live the future. Who you are, determine your starting point, and who together, become what kind of person, to determine your end point. The rest of my life is not long, with whom, really important.

                  89. Life is not about where you stand, but about where you are.36. Life, who is on the way to see more scenery, who in the rough way to a few more steps, these are the value of living in the world. Life, this bearing too much regret and helplessness, to others a smile, not the full moon, regardless of fate.If 7. walk before victory, they will only embrace defeat; if they persist in difficulties, they will often achieve new success.140. Open the door to success, three keys! One: the spirit of diligence; two: scientific methods; three: good mentality!27. Tears are not our answer is our choice.52. The ladder was never used for foot-resting; it merely allowed people's feet to be placed for a period of time so that the other foot could be mounted again.90. Life is but a twenty-four-hour superposition, in such precious time, I must understand their choice.10. Don't want three years from now.44. Dream is a naive word, and realizing it is a cruel word.ordertobeirreplaceableonemustalwaysbedifferent. to be irreplaceable, you have to be different.30. Leisure is a neon dress and should not be worn frequently. Anon21. Don't envy the success of others, it is the sacrifice of ease in exchange for; do not envy the talent of others, it is private efforts in exchange for; do not envy the maturity of others, it is experience and vicissitudes of life in exchange. can appreciate, but don't be jealous, because that's what others deserve.52. If we want more roses, we must grow more roses.


                  55. Master leads the way, learning skills in themselves.40. If you ask God for help, show that you believe in God's power; if God does not help you, show that God believes in your power.45. Courage is the control of fear, not the absence of fear.You can beat me but never ask me for mercy.44. Life ceases when there is no hope. The concrete expression of hope is desire, which forms the motive force of concrete goal and practice, and makes oneself happy to complete it, happy to realize it, thus creating a happy life.89. Don't lament the pain of the underdog.{静态_随机英句If 7. fear the rocks ahead, life will always be a pool of stagnant water.69. The determination of goals is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the tools for success. Without it, genius would be in vain in a paradoxical maze.64. Life requires patience and waiting. Suffering in waiting, obtaining in waiting, achieving in waiting, joy in waiting!58. Understand the past, live in the present, and prepare for the future!

                  Life is too short to give up tomorrow.12. On weekdays strict, the examination calm.45. Even if the roots of bamboo are buried in the ground and are invisible, they will never stop exploring and strive for new shoots.20. Those who lose money lose little, those who lose health lose much, those who lose courage lose everything.Tears don't mean who fails, smiles do n' t mean who succeeds.Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.Don't be afraid to pick roses for fear of being stabbed by them.

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                12. 0131. The mountain road twists and turns, but after all, it extends to the top.
                13. 0294. Act as the protagonist of one's own life, not as a spectator's life.
                14. 0343. Everyone has a brain, but not everyone has wisdom; everyone has eyes, but not everyone has a vision; everyone has hands, but not everyone can seize opportunities; everyone has opportunities, but not everyone has the courage to pursue dreams; opportunities are always prepared for those who have wisdom, vision, and courage.
                15. 0424. The road comes from the foot, and history is written by man. Every step of man's action is writing his own history. Ji Hongchang
                16. 054. listen more attentively to what others say, and don't rush to express yourself.
                17. 06Sometimes you have to look back, or you'll always be looking for without knowing what you have lost.
                18. 0714.People, in fact, do not need much, as long as healthy living, sincere love, but also a kind of rich.
                19. 08
                20. 0946. You must make your strength worthy of your ambition.
                21. 1046. When you hold something in your hand, you can only have one thing, and if you let it go, you have a chance to choose more.
                22. 1160. Your efforts, others do not necessarily take seriously, you do not work hard, others must be in the heart.
                23. 1299. Don't be afraid to live because you care too much about other people's opinions. No matter how well you do, there will be silly X pointing fingers at you!
                24. 1356. The higher the price tag, the greater the value you achieve.
                25. 1495. All human suffering is essentially anger at his incompetence!
                26. 15No matter how long the road, step by step can be completed, no matter how short the road, without feet can not reach.
                27. 164. I'd rather be jealous than pathetic.
                28. 1783. If we do or do not do will be laughed, if do not do and do well will be laughed, then we simply do better, to give people laugh!
                29. 1833. Refusing severe smelting is no more valuable than it was before it was excavated.
                30. 1954. The brave fight against the storm and do not sink, cowards in calm will also drown.
                31. 2070. Relax, look pale, the pain of life comes from living too clearly. Be a simple person, put aside worldly troubles, leave a place for the heart, do what they like to do; be a simple person, thirsty to drink water, sleepy to sleep, happy smile, sad tears.
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                33. 0179. It takes no effort to break a shoe. Feng Menglong
                34. 0248. The bravest thing is to see through the world and still love it.
                35. 0329. The ribbon on the laurel is not made from the twirings of genius, but is woven from the threads of pain and suffering.
                36. 0431. Only those who are down-to-earth can say: The road is at my feet.
                37. 0541. The greatest reason for a person's failure is that he or she is never fully trusted in his or her abilities and even believes that he or she will fail.
                38. 0679. The rudder of destiny is struggle. Don't have a little fantasy, do n' t give up a little chance, don't stop a day of effort.
                39. 0794. Even if there is a thousand feet of snow in Kunlun, I also swear to cut Kunlun.
                40. 08It is difficult to ask what others have done for you, but ask what you have done for others.
                41. 0978. Where the ambition is, who can resist it?
                42. 1062. One more distraction to pay attention to others, one less effort to reflect on yourself, you understand?
                43. 1127. Greed makes you fat, laziness makes you ugly, and deep feelings make you ready to be betrayed.
                44. 1289. From today on, people should stop hiding and let others know you and what you do.
                45. 1383. There can be no brave advance without a torrent and no climb without a mountain.
                46. 1447. Optimists can re-emerge and pessimists often fail because they lack confidence.
                47. 1571. You can choose to have confidence, perseverance, determination, creativity and willingness.
                48. 16100. Believe that dreams are the source of value, believe that vision determines everything in the future, believe that the belief in success is more important than success itself, believe that there are setbacks in life without failure, believe that the quality of life comes from the belief that there is no compromise.
                49. 1795. Life is the excuse of the weak, luck is the modesty of the strong, glory must have, depends on how to go.
                50. 189. life to learn to precipitate, precipitate experience, precipitate mood, precipitate themselves.
                51. 1933. Learn to flatter leaders, smile more, don't be wicked, keep your mouth shut and think twice.
                52. 2046. Bosses are not loyal but available.
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