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                    20. Don't sigh at frustration, but look at it as a preparation that you have to go through before you make a big deal.

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                  13. about


                    Life without friends is like life without sunshine.

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                  14. words


                    46. Learn from everyone, but do not imitate anyone.

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                  15. have


                    92. Instead of running around in other people's lives, be yourself.

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                  16. dreams


                    49. Life is like chess, one step is a mediocre, three steps is a regular, one step is a wise man.

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                  17. square


                    11. In order not to let life leave regret and regret, we should seize every opportunity to change life as much as possible.

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                  18. extent


                    26. In prosperity, one more thought; in adversity, one more courage; in success, one more indifference; in loss, one more faith.

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                  19. what


                    85. Don't be overwhelming, but you ca n' t be overwhelming.

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                  20. progress


                    isthesignofnoblesouls. gratitude is a sign of spiritual nobility.

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                  21. because


                    71. Failure results from neglect of detail, and success begins with the importance of small things.

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                  22. within


                    34. With less pre-determined expectations, that caring for people is more comfortable.

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                  23. poor


                    63. Failure is the mother of success and review is the father of success.

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                  24. brave


                    83. Life is like a cup of tea, not a lifetime of suffering, but always bitter for a while.

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                  25. Yourself


                    Anger is like drinking poison to expect others to suffer.

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                  26. just


                    71. Time is the greatest and most impartial referee.

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                  27. today


                    79. A hard work a harvest, not necessarily; nine hard work a harvest, certainly.

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                  28. insist


                    87. The fruit of a tree can be picked only by the man who raises his hand; the earth is rich, and only by the man who bends down. If I am selling hiking tickets, I can only guarantee that you can buy tickets to climb mountains, whether you can climb to the top of the mountain depends on whether you insist, everything is the same, choose important, after the choice of efforts more important, with your executive power plus your persistence, the road to success must have you!

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                  29. choice


                    One today is better than two tomorrows.

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                  30. wrong


                    14. Reality is close and cold, dreams are far but warm.

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                  31. Without


                    81. Don't be afraid of hardship for you who are struggling. There are no shortcuts that make you stand out, and no hardships are wasted. Every experience you have, whether it is good or rough, will increase the thickness of your life.

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                  33. 0158. Each of your experiences, whether smooth or rough, increases the thickness of your life. The world is very small, please run with your dreams; the world is very big, please grow with persistence.
                  34. 0288. No matter when it begins, it is important not to stop after it begins; no matter when it ends, it is important not to regret it after it ends.
                  35. 0380. Those who have not failed may not have succeeded.
                  36. 0479. Positive energy is not heartless, it is not a smile, it is not a dirty look. But tears full of embrace of kindness, is alone forward faith, is broken after the reconstruction of courage.
                  37. 0582. Since the choice of distance, doomed to both wind and rain.
                  38. 0678. He who has heard of lobster-rich has never heard of whale-rich.
                  39. 071. success is how high you bounce back from being shot down into the abyss of disappointment.
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                  41. 0985. No one has to lose. A life fit for himself is the best.
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                  43. 1185. Take work as fun, then we have fun every day.
                  44. 1273.You are like a flying flower, quiet, intelligent, and fanciful.
                  45. 1315. If you can't survive, you' ll be out of the game. Believe that bad days The rest is good luck.
                  46. 1440. There is always a way to do what you really want, but there is always a reason not to do it; in the face of difficulties, the wise try to do everything possible, the fool speaks a thousand words; the honest man is not necessarily reliable, but the reliable man is the honest man; in time, it is gold, not to catch is running water.
                  47. 157. the world doesn't care about your self-esteem, it requires you to achieve something before you feel good about yourself.
                  48. 1681. Clouds in the air, naturally elated, can only be exchanged for a few compliments; only by turning into sweet rain and taking root in the fertile soil can the world be created Fangfei.
                  49. 17It is good to be diligent to make up for clumsiness. Hua Lu Geng
                  50. 1835. A man without ambition is like a blind man who is lost.
                  51. 1928. Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm, it moves the stone, it is the essence of sincerity.
                  52. 206. don't want to rely on others, to have goals and pursuit, this has nothing to do with age.
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                  54. 0187. The man who creates opportunities is the brave, and the man who waits for them is the fool.
                  55. 0269. If one day we are lost in the crowd and have a life of mediocrity, it is because we have not tried hard to live abundantly.
                  56. 0386. Difficulties inspire the strength to move forward; setbacks, hone the courage to struggle; failure, show the direction of success.
                  57. 0423. Dear you, the road ahead is confused and difficult, may you be able to go ahead without fear.
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                  59. 0695. Life is not happy to see the mood, lucky to see the mentality. Long life, nothing at a glance to see the head, a moment of complacency is nothing, a moment of failure can not count.
                  60. 0788. Only short-term happiness is achieved by focusing on immediate interests; goals are high, but reality must be faced. Combining ideals with reality makes it possible to succeed.
                  61. 0882. In this world of conflict, we need to have a strong heart.
                  62. 0920. A good man is always suffering, and the burden of sorrow seems to be born with it, so only patience.
                  63. 1042. The great man has his little moments, and the little man has his great moments.
                  64. 1123. Only those who are confident can feel confident and immerse themselves in life their will.
                  65. 1260. A person must be hurt to be silent and attentive, whether it is a mental or physical wound, which is good for growth.
                  66. 1351. Dripping through stone is not power but kung fu.
                  67. 14Be kind to people you hate, because you might work for someone like that one day.
                  68. 155. watch more entertainment can make their thinking more active, pay attention to keep up with the trend.
                  69. 1688. A person's dream may not be valuable, but a person's efforts are very valuable, spray never miss the footprints on the soft sand, just for freedom to move forward courageously, to change, efforts from now on!
                  70. 1718. Anyway, look up and smile.
                  71. 18Don't push yourself, never know how good you are.
                  72. 1932. Life has no if, only consequences and consequences. Ask no one why, ask yourself why.
                  73. 208. short is life, long is suffering. Zhang Ailing
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