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        11. 95. One of the great virtues of excellence is that it is hard and hard to endure. Beethoven

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          most99.You have nothing, so you can only fight hard!83. Having a dream is just an intelligence, and realizing it is an ability.68. It's not good to sigh about setbacks. Think of all this as a preparation that you must undergo before you make a big deal.Positive Energy Classic Life Tips

          31. Ideas are more important than ability, planning is more important than implementation, action is more important than commitment, choice is more important than effort, perception is more important than informing, creation is more important than more important than others!

          99. All that comes with immediate benefits is short-lived pleasure; the goal is high, but it is realistic. Combining ideals with reality makes it possible to succeed.68. To be a person who is slowly blooming in time, knowing the world, but not worldly, proud, more compassionate, see the harsh life, but still calm to warm heart. All the tricks of life in mind, but still love life. Morning!79. Fate can be changed.13. There is no desperate situation in the world, only those who are desperate.40. Water is not deep, people do not know how to win or lose.How much you have in mind is about your future. You want to master eternity, then you have to control the present.42. The determination of goals is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the tools for success. Without it, genius would be in vain in a paradoxical maze.27. Greed makes you fat, laziness makes you ugly, and deep feelings make you ready to be betrayed.10. If you learn one more skill, you will say less.

          85. Difficulties inspire the strength to move forward; setbacks, hone the courage to struggle; failure, show the direction of success.44. An inch of time is an inch of gold.51. Action is the cure for fear, and procrastination nourishes it.28. If you wish to succeed, use persistence as a good friend, experience as a reference, care as a brother, and hope as a sentry.90. Your love of the day may bring thanks to the lives of others.52. I want to fly, with my soul, with my dream, with my past, with my youth, fly to that distant corner. Fly to the deserted Taklimakan desert. Fly to the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Fly to the ruins of the ancient Babylon garden. Fly into the choppy Yellow River water.61. People have their own aspirations to be human and the way to survive, ultimately attributed to the moral bottom line.74. Pre-mortem praise is often false and post-mortem arguments are often true.35. Choose what you love and what you choose.54. Let's change our prior worries into prior thinking and planning.Difficulty is like a spring. If you are weak, it is strong.56. The world will make way for those with goals and vision.Life is just beginning, you can't eat this pain, what else can you do later.


          72. Life is not television, there is no rehearsal, every day is live; you perform well on your own.You can only face your ambition in the best possible manner.82. Eat the suffering that others can not eat, endure the anger that others can not bear, pay more than others, will enjoy more than others.21. Struggle makes our life full of life, responsibility makes our life full of meaning!67. Suffering is the teacher of life. Balzac23. No matter how many failures, face life and be hopeful.{静态_随机英句91. A person can not bring confidence to others unless he or she has confidence.2. remember: you are the captain of your life; walk your own way, why care about others.Time is my property, my field is time. Goethe8. today's achievement is yesterday's sweat, tomorrow's success still needs today's effort.

          If you want it, you get it. All you have to do is act.66. Don't flinch at work, saying it's impossible, and labor will make you create everything.9. don't dream when the sun is setting, try when the sun is rising.17. If we do or do not do will be someone laugh, if do not do and do well will be someone laugh, then we simply do better, to give people laugh!Time :2019-11-0223:23 Source: Click: Numbe8. those who sow with tears will reap with laughter.57. The pebbles became more beautiful and smooth after the waves were sharpened.

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        12. 017. think carefully before you make a decision. Once you make a decision, go ahead and stick to it.
        13. 0243. No matter how great the talent is, if there is a lack of enthusiasm, it is no different from painting cakes on paper to appease hunger.
        14. 0359. In the journey of life, some unexpected wind and rain is very natural, as long as you look for the eyes are not obscured, continue to look carefully, I believe you will find the road to success.
        15. 0484. I will not be satisfied at any time. The more I read, the more deeply I feel unsatisfied, and the more I feel that my knowledge is poor. Marx
        16. 05281. Show your grace and work harder to win.
        17. 0643. The flower of success flower, people only envy its bright, but the original bud soaked through the struggle of tears spring, sprinkled all over the blood of sacrifice. Ice Heart
        18. 07It's not hard to give up, but persistence must be cool. What is persistence? Is one day, another day, you tell yourself, another day.
        19. 0888. Another way to think can make the problem simple; another way to look at people can be more tolerant; another way to look at life, can get more beautiful. Sometimes you can change your life just by changing your angle.
        20. 0917. The children of the poor are in charge early.
        21. 10Fantasy can come up with many wonderful ideas, but nothing can be done.
        22. 114. be kind to others, considerate to others, love life and live hard.
        23. 1211. Every sensible calm now, there is a very silly and naive past, every warm and indifferent now, there is a sad and uneasy once!
        24. 13Work hard again, work hard again!
        25. 14When books are used, they hate less.
        26. 154. only those who constantly seek opportunities will seize them in time.
        27. 16A wise man has a long mind, but a man without a will has a long mind.
        28. 1743. As long as kung fu is deep, the iron pestle grinds into a needle.
        29. 1879. There is no logical success or unjustified mediocrity.
        30. 1996. You accept better than a complaint, and there is no better way than to accept immutable facts.
        31. 2012. The stage of life may open at any time, the key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.
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        33. 01Laugh to others and cry to yourself.
        34. 02Never blame others for not helping you or for not caring about you. Living in the world, we are all independent individuals, suffering and suffering have to bear their own. No one can really understand you, the stone did not hit his foot, he will never feel how painful. On the way to life, we are all lonely walkers, such as drinking water cold and warm self-knowledge, can really help you, always only yourself.
        35. 0324. A scholar who works hard, knows well, knows well, knows well, and then is able to get through it. -- Zhu Xi
        36. 0492. We are cruel, but we are never demanding; we are greedy, but we never forget tolerance!
        37. 0520. Most people want to transform the world, but few want to transform themselves.
        38. 067. loneliness should actually be an open heart deep at the beginning of the most beautiful flower, rooted in the lonely soil, self-growth, self-research.
        39. 0767. Reading is the creation of one's own thoughts with the help of others. Ruba gold
        40. 0835. What is lost has never really belonged to you, and there is no need to regret it.
        41. 09105. Wisdom comes from diligence, and greatness from mediocrity.
        42. 1084. Life is like a rallying point. What you throw, what you receive.
        43. 113. the world will make way for those with goals and vision.
        44. 1225. Lofty ideals are like flowers growing on high mountains. If you want to take it down, diligence is the rope to climb.
        45. 1393. If you don't open your mouth, no one knows what you want, do n' t do it, any thoughts are only swimming in your mind, don't take steps, will never find the way forward, life do n' t leave regret, don't try how you know whether or not.
        46. 1494. Do not mix arrogance with your wisdom; do not make your modesty lack wisdom.
        47. 1590. Every pearl is a grain of sand, but not every grain of sand can become a pearl. If you want to be extraordinary, you have to have the capital to stand out. Can not bear the blow and frustration, can not bear to ignore and plain, it is difficult to achieve brilliant. If young people want to be reused and succeed, they must change themselves from a grain of sand to a priceless pearl.
        48. 163. the calm lake only static reflection, Pentium torrent has beautiful spray! Happiness is not by others to give, but to win their own! The meaning of life is constantly challenging themselves, overcome themselves!
        49. 1730. It is better to dance in thunder and lightning than to escape in the wind and rain, even if wet, it is to appreciate the joy of life.
        50. 1895. If one day we drown in the crowd and live a mediocre life, it is because we do not strive to live well.
        51. 1922. Where there is a will, there is a thousand things to do.
        52. 2019. What value is given to things is what people do.
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