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            30. We must take all of ours for what we do not have.

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          13. himself


            15. There is nothing to think of, nothing to do.

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          14. people


            69. Failure to fight for fear of failure will never succeed.

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          15. whether


            75. I can suffer as much as a man carries his debt.

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          16. most


            82.Mountains do not quit the earth, so can become its high; the sea does not quit the water, so can become its deep!

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          17. happens


            63. As long as the harvest is sweet, there will be bees busy in the bush.

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          18. others


            He who does not eat is hungry; he who does not read is foolish.

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          19. without


            Do what others do not want to do today can do what others can not do tomorrow, to know that the future is always a dream, want to dream come true, please take every day seriously!

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          20. always


            78. Learn to forget pain and make room for memory of sunlight.

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          21. road


            31. Shaking hands is not necessarily friendship, and accusations are not necessarily hostile.

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          22. laughter


            85. Life is like a piano: white is happy, black is sad. But remember that only a black-and-white ensemble can play wonderful music.

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          23. long


            Youth is not your reason to play, but the capital of your struggle.

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          24. choose


            64. It is advisable to retreat from the depths of thought, to rest when you are proud.

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          25. long


            If a man has a will, he will not stop on the half slope.

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          26. bends


            148. Books are great power. Lenin

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          27. Source


            92. The road to success is full of thorns, but only with bitter battles.

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          28. underdog


            29. It is better to defeat yourself once than to defeat the enemy ten thousand times.

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          29. important


            77. Successful people, in order to develop their lives to the highest point, always try to enrich the living time of their secret collections and strive to develop artificial time.

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          30. Time


            71. A man is a man of value when he first struggles within himself.

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          31. made


            A man's talent is like a sponge's water, which can never flow out without external force. After flowing out, the sponge can absorb the new source.

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          33. 0171. Successful people learn from the experience of others while the average person learns his own.
          34. 0214. Consider carefully before making a decision and, once it has been made, stick to it.
          35. 0315. Fate does not exist; it is merely an excuse for failure to escape reality.
          36. 0475. Any qualitative change in performance results from the accumulation of quantitative changes.
          37. 05If you are not sad, you will be happy. Do not hesitate, will insist.
          38. 06Anger is to punish oneself for what others do wrong.
          39. 0723. When you're overwhelmed by pressure, remember that carbon is what makes it a shining diamond.
          40. 0839. Opportunities are created by themselves and can not be waited for.
          41. 09The theory of ninety-nine times is not as practical as one action.
          42. 10I often ask myself who hasn't doubled his gratitude to me.
          43. 1132. Don't herd sheep without the guts to fight wolves.
          44. 1283. Commitment is a good thing, but often good things do not become reality.
          45. 13If you have a dream, you should go after it bravely. Don't be afraid be afraid to be alone. You can cry all the way, but you ca n' t countenance.
          46. 14Encourage yourself with the success of others, don't torture yourself with the success of others; enrich yourself with the wisdom of others, do n' t belittle yourself with the wisdom of others; remind yourself with the mistakes of others, don't entertain yourself with the mistakes of others!
          47. 1599. The mind is like a mirror, but the mirror does not turn, although the scene is constantly changing, this is a normal mind, can turn the scene and the heart does not turn.
          48. 1617. Only harvest can test the meaning of hard work; only contribution can measure the value of life.
          49. 1795. Exercise-based learning to be healthy; practice-based learning to seek knowledge. Take morality as the basis, learn to be a man; take adaptation as the basis, learn to survive.
          50. 1822. Success is distributed in probability, and the key is whether you can persist until the moment success begins to unfold.
          51. 1935. Dream is such a word, not in possession, but in pursuit.
          52. 2019. Managing your strengths adds value to your life; managing your weaknesses devalues your life.
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            Latest articles

          54. 0124. Potential is realized when there is no retreat.
          55. 02As long as 7. can harvest sweet, thorns will also have bees busy figure.
          56. 0310. Adversity offers a valuable opportunity to temper. Only those who stand the test of the environment can be truly strong. Since ancient times, most of the great men, with indomitable spirit, struggle from adversity. Thanks to Matsushita
          57. 0438. Reduce the amount of time you spend living in and being close to nature.
          58. 05aiminlifeistheonlyfortuneworthfinding.RobertLouisStevenson goal of life, is the only wealth worth looking for. Stevenson
          59. 0687. If you can't shine, you should fall on the way to dream!
          60. 0729. Hard work and progress, not to show others, is to live up to themselves, live up to this life.
          61. 08longasthereistomorrow,todayisalwaysthestartingline. as long as there is tomorrow, today will always be the starting line.
          62. 09The heart goes to the end.
          63. 10Although 5. beautiful flowers will wither, but the time of blooming is worth appreciating. To create good things in good times, life will be full of meaning.
          64. 1121. Over its heart, let the world's things, empty its heart, love the world's good, flat its heart, on the world's things, dive its heart, view the world's principles, set its heart, should change the world.
          65. 1249. As long as the number of times you stand up is more than the number of times you fall down, it is success.
          66. 13:>> short inspirational quotes classic quotes
          67. 144. pressure on the road to career success, you are a dejected prelude to the ignorant, but also the prelude to the aspiring.
          68. 15Even if no one nods to me, I will not give up flying.
          69. 1662. Without saliva and sweat, there would be no tears of success.
          70. 1746. Without double diligence, there is neither talent nor genius. Mendeleev
          71. 18Child, hard work! Thank you for your collective work!
          72. 1968. A road full of flowers can not be reached without walking on a muddy path.
          73. 2031. If a hateful setback causes you to taste the bitter fruit, rise up will surely let you taste the joy of life.
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