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                      11. 59. Fault is an occasional fault, but it is an eternal regret to miss it.

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                        important70. Let persistence be a belief.129. A man who dares to waste even an hour shows that he does not know how to cherish the full value of life. Darwin34. More experience, more knowledge, more suffering, more, and grow up.5. youth only once, don't let yourself live a wonderful life.

                        23. Every change, there will always be a lot of puzzled eyes, and sometimes even cross-eyebrow cold to a thousand fingers. But to good times and adversity are grateful, so that they use a soft heart to contain the world. A soft heart is the most powerful.

                        26. Every repetitive temper is a habit, and the longer the temper, the more mature the movement, until you have no control.70. Doing the right thing is more important than doing the right thing.Short sentences that motivate your efforts93. The most beautiful thing in the world is the smile free from tears.20. Live fish go up the current, and dead fish go with the current.The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.75. A genuine interest in others is the most important character of a salesman.101. Faith arises from a desire to believe, hope to believe, and an interest to believe. Stirlingburg77. Human values are determined by themselves.

                        76. Overcoming difficulties, the brave do everything possible, and the cowardly feel helpless.17. The most difficult time is not far from success.Don't play with your life now, play with your life in the future, do n' t54. Bow is an ability, it is not inferiority, nor cowardice, it is the transmutation of sober. Sometimes, a little lower head, or our life will be more wonderful.None is of freedom or of life deserving unless he daily conquers it anew.As long as 3. can harvest sweet, thorns will also have bees busy figure.62. Sometimes the question is complex and the answer is simple. Play with life, don't be too serious, anyway, no one can live to leave the game. Life is like a stage, without the curtain call, never know how wonderful they are.56. How can the living conditions of decay and depravity support a strong and vigorous body of life? How to achieve earth-shaking grand bank industry? Therefore, to make progress, we must change, ruthlessly eliminate the bad habits of life, such as the autumn wind sweep leaves as clean, but also to make achievements, some reasonable upward thinking unswervingly put into practice, only action is the eternal truth, easy to sit and talk, but difficult to find a way out.24. Read more while you are busy, read more and gather your talents.33. Those who know are not as good as those who know. Those who are good are not as happy as those who are happy. Confucius16. A bird knows its purpose.69. There is nothing at all if everyone's life can not be redesigned.9. take the time to learn, everything from small start, not afraid of monotony and repetition, long-term accumulation and persistence, want not to succeed, but also difficult.


                        17. There is no one in this world who is who, no one can not do without who. Perhaps some people will say that is inseparable from the fish, please don't forget, in reality you are not a fish at all. Life so short, we have any reason not happy! Morning!73. If you are distracted by others, you are less likely to reflect on yourself.Time is gold, time is water.17. Hope is the faith that guides success. Without hope, nothing will happen.98. The God of Destiny closes a door and opens another window.Don't ask what others have done for you, but ask what you have done for others.{静态_随机英句3. success lies not in difficulty, but in who does it. The world has never lacked opportunity, but the hand to seize it. Success doesn't come to the homes of those who just want to do it and those who just say it. What we need is not just dreams, but efforts to make them happen. Don't worry about failure, just try your best to do it, you should have a clear conscience; do n' t be afraid of difficulties, many difficulties are your imagination out of thin air to scare themselves.90. Don't confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality stems from who I am, and my attitude depends on who you are.75. Be pessimistic about success and optimistic about failure. Look at yourself more easily and be tolerant of others. Look at the problem rationally, and look at life with innocence.100. Every successful person has a start. The courage to start, can find the way to success.

                        87. Adversity is the highest institution of learning.44. There are several things in life that must not be lost: the power of self-control, the calm mind, hope and confidence.If you are eager to succeed, set yourself a clear goal first.1. a person's life, can make a difference only once, that is now.34. The world's most vulnerable is life, physical health and importance.74. Those who make great achievements do not care for small disrelishs; those who build far are short-lived.60. With regard to what I consider as an opportunity to exercise my will and increase my ability, I would also like to express my infinite gratitude to those who have tried to frame me.

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                      12. 0139. The reality is cruel, like the battlefield, when the loser is the aggressor and the winner is the king.
                      13. 0296. A little more effort is a little more success.
                      14. 03If you are not calm, you will never be angry; if you are not angry, life will be a mess. Live a life, live is a heart, bad mood, do anything can not be at ease. Always adjust your mind, precipitate your emotions, let the heart calm, let the heart calm. Quiet is a flower, quietly open, do not ask people to appreciate; quiet is a bay river, money flowing, flowing out of their own way. Quiet, let the beauty of life bloom naturally.
                      15. 0483. The secret to success: cherish, care, be grateful.
                      16. 0555. To achieve one's goals, one must be able to stand alone.
                      17. 06137. College entrance examination on the road to the strong everywhere, but er and so on is just the mole ants in my eyes.
                      18. 07100. Try to love someone. Pay, not necessarily there will be harvest; do not pay, but there must be no harvest, do not expect miracles.
                      19. 0816. There is only one reason why you are confused, think too much and do too little, don't forget, only action can make a person.
                      20. 097. don't take the standards of others as your goal, only you know what is best for you. Don't regard the most intimate people as if of course, please cherish them as if treat your life. Don't let time slip through your fingers by indulging in the past or looking forward to the future; live today and grasp the present, and you will be wonderful every day of life.
                      21. 1064. Tolerance lubricates each other's relationships, removes barriers, clears their scruples and enhances their understanding.
                      22. 11Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent effort.
                      23. 12determinewhatyouregoingtobe.JuliusErving goals in life determine who you will be. Owen Owen
                      24. 1315. Talent is the crystallization of blood and sweat. Talent is blade, toil is grindstone.
                      25. 1410. Don't want three years from now.
                      26. 15longasthereistomorrow,todayisalwaysthestartingline. as long as there is tomorrow, today will always be the starting line.
                      27. 1618. Do not go forward, do not know the way; do not study hard, do not understand the truth.
                      28. 1712. An avid boatman, the target is always downstream.
                      29. 18100. If the woodcutter is afraid of thorns, the ship is afraid of wind and waves, and the blacksmith is afraid of Mars, then the world will become another look.
                      30. 1921. Being beautiful is an advantage, living well is a skill.
                      31. 2015. The rudder of destiny is struggle. Don't have a little fantasy, do n' t give up a little chance, don't stop a day of effort.
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                      33. 01No one can deny you except yourself.
                      34. 0244. A man without ambition is like a blind man who is lost.
                      35. 0341. No matter how indulgent the environment may be, you must be self-disciplined. Maybe it won't change your situation for the time being, but in time, it will give you a surprise. People who have demands on themselves never get too bad. People who go with the tide and complain about the bad environment are the most boring.
                      36. 0477. Don't sigh about the past; it wo n' t come back; improve the present wisely. We must devote ourselves to the uncertain future with a determined will. Longfellow
                      37. 0521. The pebbles became more beautiful and smooth after the waves were sharpened.
                      38. 0618. Life is not perfect, twists and turns also scenery, only with ease, can do whatever you want.
                      39. 0713. In the face of seemingly enormous blows, do not escape. You will be surprised to find that fear is fading.
                      40. 0813. Be confident unconditionally, even when you do something wrong.
                      41. 098. don't chase, never have. Don't go forward, stay where you are forever.
                      42. 1016. We verify love in time and crush it in time. There are many false feelings in love, but our pain, heartbreak and despair are always true.
                      43. 1144. Success in the exercise of advantages, failure is the accumulation of shortcomings.
                      44. 1227. Climb the mountains to the top and enjoy the heavy snow.
                      45. 1361. Wave the sea gull bird, look at my chest cloud dream, how about mustard? Chu Yue idle ears, liver and gallbladder have a storm.
                      46. 1466. Without enthusiasm, there is no progress in the world.
                      47. 1551. We have to do what we should do before we succeed, and only after we succeed can we do what we like to do.
                      48. 1618. The vastness of the spirit, the active imagination, the diligence of the mind: genius. Dide
                      49. 1772. You can stand up once more than you fall, and you are the strong.
                      50. 1886. There are more people who think of an hour as a minute than an hour!
                      51. 1939. Morning exercises every day not only for fitness, but also to reflect the stubbornness of life.
                      52. 2076. There was never a shortcut to life, but a down-to-earth approach.
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