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                11. 17. When you have time to do skin care, men and women are the same, too late to run 30.

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                  confidence57.Life is too short to give up tomorrow today.93. It's not so much others who make you miserable as you do n' t have enough self-cultivation.Anger is to punish oneself with what others do wrong.94. Consider carefully before making a decision, and once it is made, move forward and stick to it. From:

                  65. To change destiny, change yourself first.

                  30. Think of a thing to do immediately, not to think of the consequences, not good-looking results, only experience the feeling of doing things, believe in the feeling of self, not wrong, every day in life, work, experience the enrichment of every day, that kind of life is called perfect, can reflect the value of life, life can be without regret!52. Effort is a life attitude, independent of age. So, no matter when, can really inspire you, warm you, move you, not inspirational quotes soul chicken soup, nor inspirational story, but full of positive energy of yourself.101. Teenage reading is like peering at the moon in the gap; middle-aged reading is like looking at the moon in reading is like playing the moon on stage. The depth of experience is the depth of the ear. Zhang Chao91. A sapling that refuses to be pruned for fear of pain will never become successful.38. Only through hell can the power to create heaven be forged.72. Cowardly people can only hold back, reckless people can only lead to burn, only the truly brave can be invincible.64. If you can't learn, if you do n' t know, if you don't know, you' ll be ashamed to ask.42. Don't bring your troubles because of the foolishness of sentient beings. Don't hurt yourself because of the ignorance of sentient beings.85. Those who sow in tears will surely reap in laughter.

                  10. Would rather run up and be thrown down countless times than walk a lifetime. Even if fall also want heroic smile.It's not someone who bothers me, it's someone's behavior that bothers me.A man is not old as long as he is seeking something. A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.57. Character is written on the face; character is engraved in the eye; lifestyle is present; mood swings are revealed in the voice; tutor looks at standing posture; aesthetic looks at clothes; look at shoes.43. of toil and a minute of harvest.88. With money, there is a lot to be done in the world, that is, it is impossible to buy youth with money.73.You are like a flying flower, quiet, intelligent, and fanciful.90. Ducks have no mother also grew up, how many white hands also married.34. Hate others, but the pain is themselves.43. The attentive see an opportunity in every distress, while the negative see a certain distress in every opportunity.28. We are all human beings, mixed in the flow of people, living an ordinary life. When being ignored by others, jokes, criticism, framed, to learn to grasp their own rhythm, as long as the heart is not chaotic, the outside world is difficult to change what you. Don't envy others, everyone has pain; do n' t lose yourself, cheer up better than everything.57. Not that there is no water in the well, but that you are not digging deep enough; not that success is slow, but that you are not hard enough!My sweat will reflect my light!


                  29. Smart people create more opportunities than they encounter.76. Anyone who makes excuses for failure, though his heart is comforted, will always have failure.26. Strong faith can overcome demons from the heart and produce invincible courage.Don't give the world to people you hate.47. Give life a dream, give a dream a road, give the road a direction, fall to learn to get up, hurt to learn to heal their own, life only out of the wonderful, no waiting out of the brilliant!41. It is easier to deceive others than to deceive yourself, but it is a bit difficult to deceive the world. Time is fair, where you spend it, it results. Steadfastly forward, take every step, even if the speed is a little slower, life will also give you a satisfactory outcome.{静态_随机英句82. We always dream of a wonderful rose garden in the sky, instead of appreciating the roses that are open in our window today.35. Choose what you love and what you choose.53. In the face of difficulties, the pessimist often sees only the negative side of things.54. Arrogant cold mania cold, not good people use words; strong and full of free struggle enterprising and pessimistic people are not.

                  44. With the baptism of fire mud will also have a strong body.Don't waste your life where you will regret it.You know people are trying so hard that you're wasting your time.:|>> sober soul chicken soup sentence60. For each disadvantage, there are corresponding advantages.69. If you do something, it makes sense to fart people. If you fail, it makes sense to fart people. So, you have to make yourself valuable, you have value, and anything you say makes sense.:>> inspirational sentences short positive energy

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                12. 0148. There is a lot of trouble and pain that can be easily solved, and there are things you can do differently if you change your mind. Therefore, when we encounter suffering setbacks, might as well regard temporary difficulties as the darkness before dawn.
                13. 0274. Friends often think of, is to care in the heart, attention in the eye; friends are accompanied by a period of life, hand in hand to spend one evening after another; friends are to think of time add joy, remember more gentle in time.
                14. 0385. Failure is also great when you do your best.
                15. 0473. In order not to leave behind regret and regret in life, we should seize every opportunity to change.
                16. 05An inspirational sentence to overcome your inner fears
                17. 0621. Struggle makes our life full of life, responsibility makes our life full of meaning!
                18. 07Better be a centurion than a scholar. Yang Jiong ,\" From the Army \"
                19. 08152. Books are the experience of predecessors. Rab Ray
                20. 0976. The sea is like a mountain without a thousand feet of depth.
                21. 1093. The distance between success and failure is sometimes very short as long as the latter moves forward.
                22. 1124. No matter what industry you are in, just do two things well: one is professional, the other is character. Profession determines your existence, character determines your connections; the rest is persistence.
                23. 1285. A man does not have to be virtuous, but a man does not have to be virtuous.
                24. 1389. Unheeded, persistent. When ten thousand people envy, the heart is like water.
                25. 1465. The meaning of labour lies not only in the pursuit of performance, but also in the improvement of the human mind.
                26. 1530. You are as lucky as you try.
                27. 1636. When sad, eat a grain of sugar, tell yourself that life is sweet!
                28. 1796. I will work hard, at least not to leave any regrets to the future when I have to remember myself.
                29. 1856. Smart qualifications, internal drive, hard-working attitude and perseverance. These are other conditions for the success of scientific research.
                30. 1910. Tired? Tired is right, comfortable is left to the dead!
                31. 2026. The distance between success and failure is sometimes very short as long as the latter moves forward.
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                33. 0143. If a well is to be dug, it is necessary to dig until the water comes out.
                34. 028. occasionally have to look back, otherwise always in pursuit, and do not know what they have lost.
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                36. 0450. In adversity, a wise man advances in the face of adversity, and a fool is depressed. Rather than believe in relying on others, it is better to believe in relying on yourself, those seemingly can not reach the future, will become you have experienced a light cloud!
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                38. 068. don't wait for opportunities, but create them.
                39. 0746. Even the most hopeless thing, as long as there is a brave man to persist in doing, will eventually have hope.
                40. 084. the world does not belong to you, so you do not have to abandon, to abandon all the persistence. All things are for, but not for me.
                41. 0955. Enthusiasm, with practical and useful knowledge and perseverance, is the quality that often leads to success.
                42. 109. for the sake of timber, the pine never courted the greenhouses of spring.
                43. 11boldattemptishalfsuccess. brave attempt is half the success.
                44. 1270. Don't always talk about yourself. If you always talk about yourself, either brag about yourself or belittle yourself; the former is a sign of vanity and the latter is a sign of humility.
                45. 1368. If we all do what we can do, we'll surprise ourselves.
                46. 1433. One thing, whether too late or too early, doesn't stop you from being the person you want to be. There is no time limit for the process, and you can start whenever you want.
                47. 15Accept the gift of life, good or bad.
                48. 16Don't look down on you standing on the stage. Everyone will raise their big thumbs and praise you.
                49. 1789. Success meaning of success should be to give full play to one's strengths and to feel a sense of gain worthy of one's heart after one's own efforts, not for vanity or money. Roland
                50. 18When you feel sad and miserable, it is better to learn something. Learning will make you invincible forever.
                51. 1917. Everyone has a place to learn.
                52. 206. there is no life without progress, only people who are not enterprising!
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