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              48. Hard work now is nothing more than the drive to buy if you want.

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            13. earth


              12. A man can achieve his purpose only if he pursues it strongly and persistently.

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            14. meaning


              22. A man is a man of value when he first struggles within himself.

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            15. Zongyuan


              No matter when you start, it's important not to stop after the start! No matter when you end, it is important not to regret after the end!

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            16. Even


              21. Suffering is a form of exercise that consumes a great deal of physical energy while strengthening one's body. There are two attitudes towards suffering. One is to greet actively, the other is to bear passively. The person who takes the initiative to meet the tribulation, in the suffering of suffering, the heart is more calm, tribulation makes him like a sword to see more sharp. A man who is passive in suffering, in suffering, in his heart

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            17. mountains


              39. Being with a diligent person is not lazy; being with a positive person is not depressed; being with a wise person is extraordinary; being with a high man can climb the top. It is more important to follow the right person, to choose the right way, to do the right thing than to work hard.

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            18. change


              82. Only creation is true enjoyment, and only struggle is full life.

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            19. your


              17. If you don't limit yourself, there are no barriers in your life that limit your performance.

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            20. navigators


              31. No education can afford adversity.

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            21. fail


              65. The road is so long that I will not stop pursuing it. Qu Qu Yuan

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            22. like


              53.A man's life is to try, and the more he tries, the better he lives. Emerson

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            23. slave


              95. Start with a grateful heart, learn to love, love parents, love yourself, love friends, love others.

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            24. what


              74. There is no destiny that can be conquered without contempt for endurance and struggle.

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            25. embrace


              94. In life, you may meet or get along with hundreds or thousands of people, ostensibly welcome to send, nice, but never have a sense of fit. No matter how familiar, all feel just the passing of life, in the bottom of my heart, never accepted them. That is to say, your side has been very lively, but you are always lonely.

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            26. death


              34. The biggest mistake in life is fear of making mistakes.

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            27. Things


              21. Faith is power, doubt is power, and faith is power.

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            28. inspirational


              50. The courage to face the reality and take responsibility will make progress.

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            29. native


              Memory is like the water in the palm of the hand, whether you open or clenched, will eventually flow from the fingers a drop of clean.

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            30. surpass


              Life without friends is like life without sunshine.

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            31. with


              77. A man who is afraid of suffer for a lifetime, those who are not afraid of hardship suffer for a while.

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            33. 01Don't feel inferior, you are no more stupid than others. Don't be complacent, others are no more stupid than you.
            34. 0281. Birds can not fly without wings, but men can not succeed without ambition.
            35. 0351. The seeds, bearing in mind the advice of the raindrop's devotion, increased their sharpness.
            36. 0476. The law of success is extremely simple, but simplicity does not mean that it is easy.
            37. 0533. The road to Tsinghua University is paved with rolls.
            38. 061. life is important to do yourself well, anything unrealistic, is the source of pain, the biggest killer of life is sorrow and anxiety. Pain comes from not being full, life is not full of imagination. You have to find your own goal, and then work for it.
            39. 07I have no intention of going back alive when I come to this world.
            40. 0872. Dreams may not come true today or tomorrow, but as long as today's self is harder than yesterday's, it will be a step closer to dreams.
            41. 091. life is always rough and rugged, wind, frost, snow and rain constantly honed. Pain and happiness alternate, joys and sorrows. Enjoy flowers in the fog breeze catkins, autumn fruit winter snow red plum. Don't worry about success or failure. As long as you are dedicated efforts, you can achieve a clear conscience, not forget the form of loss, patience accumulation to wait for opportunities.
            42. 10But know this: the ones that love us never really leave us. And you can always find them in heart.
            43. 1199. The bosom is high and unattainable.
            44. 1286. People who love others always love them, and those who treat other people's feelings with subtleties are more likely to gain respect from others.
            45. 13: www.youtheme.cn >> short sentences to motivate short
            46. 14No matter how great you feel, there will always be someone better than you; no matter how unhappy you feel, there will always be someone worse than you.
            47. 1592. Life is not for compromise. The more you shrink back, the more space you have to breathe. Days are not for will, the more humble you behave, some happy things will be far away from you.
            48. 1661. The vastness of life is not a matter of speculation with the right person, but of leisurely dealing with the unbearable.
            49. 1753. A writer must certainly earn money to live and write, but he must never live and write to earn money. Marx
            50. 183. is not afraid of thousands of people to stop, only afraid of their surrender.
            51. 1917. Those who try to do something don't know much better than those who do n' t try and succeed.
            52. 2045. It is true honour to be able to lower oneself.
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            54. 0163. Time is a constant but also a variable. Diligent people are infinite, lazy people are infinite.
            55. 0235. A step back, love an inch wide, life naturally live happily.
            56. 0336.I am struggling so hard now that I can be happy in the future.
            57. 04A long journey ofathousandmilesbeginswithsinglestep. begins with a single step.
            58. 0511. Everything about life can be summed up in three words: will pass.
            59. 0665. The most important thing to succeed is not to look at the distant blur, but to do what is clear at hand.
            60. 079. industry is more valuable than gold. Saddi
            61. 089. when you think you're doing your best, it's always someone else's starting point.
            62. 0998. He who plays the game of life does nothing; he who does not dominate himself is always a slave.
            63. 1058. The ability to think calmly is the beginning of all wisdom and the source of all goodness.
            64. 1153. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer to success; what is success? Is to go through all the way to failure, only one way left, that is the road to success.
            65. 12Where there is a waste of time, what you waste is yourself. Grasp the present, worth ten thousand uncertain future!
            66. 13If you can't bear loneliness, you ca n' t see prosperity.
            67. 1466. Remember that nothing else is a problem as long as you live.
            68. 1517. Cowardly people can only hold back, reckless people can only lead to burn, only the truly brave can be invincible.
            69. 16People who are stronger than me are trying. I have no reason not to.
            70. 17My life is up to me.
            71. 1815. What you have to do is someone else can not change, then you can not blame who, is you useless!
            72. 1947.You know, caring for my parents makes me happy.
            73. 2092. There are two realms in life: one is pain without words, the other is laughter without words.
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