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                      11. theshortcuttolearning,italsomustbediligent. if there are shortcuts to learning, it must also be diligence.

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                        hard126. If you can't be cruel to others, be cruel to yourself. If you make yourself strong, no one will dare to be cruel to you.63. Most people want to transform the world, but few want to transform themselves.Life can not be as good as you think, but it can not be as bad as you think.72. There are so many days, and all things that seem lucky and coincidental come from quiet efforts.

                        38. The art of doing comes from the process of doing it.

                        98. Those who try to do something but fail do not know much better than those who do nothing but succeed.12. While you still have time, try your best to do what you want most and live the life you want most. Perhaps we are always a small person, but this does not prevent us from choosing how to live, the world is always more wonderful than you think.8. thirst does not drink stolen spring water, heat does not rest evil wood shade. Land aircraft29. Hope is the source of life, and life will wither without it.14. If life is colorful, then youth must be one of the most beautiful touch; if the movement of life is mixed, then youth must be one of the most energetic.85. A man who is the most miserable, the meanest, and the most humiliated by his fate has nothing to fear but hope.42. No matter how good things are, there is also a day to lose, no matter how beautiful things are, there is a day to forget. If you can not have to let go, if reluctant to pain, should cherish, should give up on giving up, walk easily, just live smoothly. Don't ask who hurt you, who hurt your feelings.26. Every repetitive temper is a habit, and the longer the temper, the more mature the movement, until you have no control.47. Failure is also what I need; it is as valuable as success.

                        77. If you think it's hard to walk now, it's proof that you're walking uphill!25. I would rather run and be knocked down countless times than walk a lifetime. Even if fall also want heroic smile.Don't expect anyone to be with you for the rest of your life.Learn to dance according to the wind on the day of the wind, when the rain learn to hold an umbrella for themselves. Life is expected to wear autumn water expectations, but also some unexpected joy.17. Love everyone, believe in a few, and don't bully anyone; try to be silent when you need to lie, and try not to hurt each other when you have to; when we do it right, no one will remember, when we do it wrong, no one will forget; happiness is good health and bad memory; one can choose to give up, but not to give up; everything is better than endless nothing.83. Those who advance bravely admit their shortcomings, find their own weaknesses, and find ways to make up for them quickly.23. Communicate with your parents, brothers and sisters, and greet each other, no matter what happens.7. strong confidence, can overcome the devil from the heart, produce invincible courage.70. Do not die, nor live alone.18. Youth, a word given too much hope and hope. In the eyes of many people youth, burning passion and vitality; youth like flowers, blooming wisdom and hope. But in my eyes, youth is like a lost deer, wandering at the crossroads of life, the road ahead is full of thorns and wandering.28. Two of the most difficult things to forget in the world are meeting and forgetting.40. Flowers bloom not for flowers, but for more splendor.I'm afraid I ca n' t learn, I'm afraid I' m not sincere.


                        96. Each setback or adverse mutation is accompanied by the same or larger beneficial seed. EmersonIf 8. walk before victory, they will only embrace defeat; if they persist in difficulties, they will often achieve new success.72. For the brave, poverty, embarrassment, censure, slander, cynicism, all oppression is the driving force.59. Let the wait-and-see wait-and-see wait-and-see wait-and-see wait-and-see, theand-see wait-and-see, let the fear continue to fear, let the money continue to make money, any status quo is testing our psychological quality, any market is also following the laws of nature; survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest. One think two do three success, one second see three fail. Think is the question, do is the answer; lose in hesitation, win in action.96. Take life as a game, who plays life, life will punish who, this is not exhortation, but - rules!36. Solve problems with successful experience; do not solve problems with your own ideas.{静态_随机英句91. Those who live up to their efforts will not live up to them all the time.9. life will not deny anyone, fear that they deny life.29. There are two paths in everyone's life, one is to walk with heart, called dream, the other is to walk with feet, called reality. The heart walks too slowly, the reality will be pale; the foot walks too slowly, the dream will not fly high. The wonderful life, always heart walk very beautiful, and step can be one. Morning!14. I bury all my memories and just want a better future.

                        13. I am not afraid of thousands of people blocking, afraid of their surrender.48. If we cast a stone all our lives, even with our eyes closed, there must have been a hit.144. To overcome the anxieties and frustrations of life, one must first learn to be one's own master.Don't forget to take the stairs when you ca n' t jump from the first floor to the third floor. To remember that great success is often not accomplished overnight, you must learn to break down your goals and gradually implement them.97. In our world, we never give a medal to a sad laggard.22. There is no beginning once and for all; there is no end to salvation. In life, what you need to grasp is: the beginning, to start without turning back; the end, the clean end.93. Don't play with your life now, do n' t play with your life in the future.

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                      12. 015. fight with dreams, how can I lose.
                      13. 029. right, hold on; wrong, give up!
                      14. 0358. Genius is the power of effort. Dwight
                      15. 0498. Although the bamboo shoots are tender, they are not afraid of heavy pressure, dare to struggle, dare to rise to the point.
                      16. 05
                      17. 06136. All great actions and ideas have a trivial beginning.
                      18. 0793. Every day there are many thoughts, and those who do not die are called dreams.
                      19. 0888. A gentleman looks behind a man, but a villain looks behind him. Keep away from those who speak ill of others behind their backs, remember that he or she can speak ill of others and can speak ill of you in the dark! This is the saying, not afraid of real villain, afraid of hypocrite!
                      20. 0995. The hard work is regarded as the necessity of life, and even the hope of no gain continues calmly.
                      21. 1042.I'm a wonderful person, why run into other people's lives for interlude.
                      22. 1123. Examination rooms are battlefields. The difference is that there are comrades behind you on the battlefield, and you are surrounded by enemies in the examination room.
                      23. 126. don't want to rely on others, to have goals and pursuit, this has nothing to do with age.
                      24. 13:>> positive energy classic life inspirational short sentences
                      25. 1458. Obstacles and failures are the surest stepping stones to success, and studying and using them, success can be nurtured from failure.
                      26. 1528. It is unwise to change one's ugly image in the public by means of wealth, and all success is achieved by one's own efforts, not by climbing high.
                      27. 16Don't mix arrogance with your wisdom. Don't make your modesty lack wisdom.
                      28. 1732. Learning from difficult people is a good way to grow. There is no need to form friendly relations with them, but can form nutritional relations. As we grow older, our values become more stable, and it is difficult to renew or subvert ourselves. It is the emergence of those who are difficult to get along with that that creates tension with them and a conflict with ourselves that can repair our own loopholes.
                      29. 18117. There is only one road that can not be chosen to give up; there is only one way not to reject the way to grow.
                      30. 1974. On our journey to the ladder of life, we are not afraid of slowness but of stopping. As long as it does not stop, the slow speed can also reach the peak.
                      31. 2046. Yesterday was an overdue check. Tomorrow is a credit card. Only today is cash.
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                      33. 0166. It is no great thing to play a good card. It is admirable to play a good card.
                      34. 0235. Success is not how much you get, but how much you throw away the excess.
                      35. 0367. If you do not cultivate or sow, no more fertile soil will grow crops, no struggle, no creation, no more beautiful youth will bear fruit.
                      36. 0499. The best way to stay in business is through continuous development.
                      37. 0583. We shall never be entitled to give up, for this is our time, and we is time to shine.
                      38. 06Failure does not mean that you are poor. It reminds you that you should try hard. If you feel disappointed and powerless today, how can you carry the future so far?
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                      40. 0811. Those who fear self-suffering are already suffering from self-feeling.
                      41. 0931. Only if you learn to zero all your achievements can you make room you make room for more new things that you can constantly surpass yourself.
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                      44. 1277. When the sky falls, there is a tall man to help you carry it, but can you guarantee that when the sky falls, a tall man is not bending down? After that, not on your own!
                      45. 1340. Those that have not been experienced can never be understood, but it is also good.
                      46. 14Positive-Action Sentences
                      47. 1586. Love can not make the path of life smooth, but it can make the journey meaningful.
                      48. 1665. If you decide to travel, don't be afraid to travel.
                      49. 1734. Those who are able to persevere and work hard in the face of difficulties can finally overcome all difficulties and achieve final success.
                      50. 1828. Education is a bronze ability is silver, networking is gold and thinking is trump.
                      51. 1977. Anyone can be vicious if you try to be jealous.
                      52. 20I would rather cry with a smile than regret.
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