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              11. 71. No matter how difficult it is, keep your head up and tell everyone that you are not as vulnerable as they think.

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                What35. The first half of your life may belong to others and live in what they think. Return the rest of your life to yourself to follow your inner voice.4. talent is actually to use the same intelligence as people to different places.84. The brave man of the torrent can appreciate the wonders of the river's source.69. The past is a distant twilight, the future is near the bright morning.

                57. Even if you miss open in the water beautiful daffodils, do not forget the valley in the lonely corner deep, wild lily also has its own spring!

                88. A beautiful blueprint falls into the hands of a lazy man and is nothing more than a waste paper.83. Whenever you start, it is important not to stop after the start. No matter when you end, it is important not to regret after the end. Where there is an ideal, hell is heaven; where there is hope, pain is joy; looking for hope from despair, life will be brilliant!Don't walk into spring because there is no sunshine, do n' t give up your pursuit because there is no song, don't throw away your ideal because there is no applause.95. All laziness today will be rewarded for tomorrow's inferiority.A fool always wants others to know him. A wise man tries to understand himself.57. Without saliva and sweat, there would be no tears of success.82. In times of adversity, the wise advance and the fool is depressed. Rather than believe in relying on others, it is better to believe in relying on yourself, those seemingly can not reach the future, will become you have experienced a light cloud!77. Everyone will miss, everyone has missed, really belong to you, never miss.137. If you are already living at the bottom, you don't have to worry about losing your temper.

                12. All the good feelings in the world together are not worth a noble act.66. Who is not hurt while learning to be strong.9. the road of life, there is a road everyone must go, that is the detour of youth. Don't fall heel head, do n' t touch wall, don't touch a head to break blood flow, how can make steel bar iron bone, how can grow up?21. Happiness always likes to hide in the details, good at discovering life, can feel more happiness.If you don't work hard today or tomorrow, your life is just a repetition. You must firmly believe that it is not the alarm clock that wakes you every day, but the dream in your heart, the new day begins, the only person you should try to surpass, is the past self.63. Attitude determines everything. Details determine success or failure, habits achieve life.1. the clouds are dense, the sky is clear; the sea is wide, and the ship is ashore. As long as you look at things with an optimistic attitude and face life, you will find that the world is really beautiful.44. In order to illuminate the night sky, the stars stand above the sky.80. Friends often think of, is to care in the heart, attention in the eye; friends are accompanied by a period of life, hand in hand to spend one evening after another; friends are to think of time add joy, remember more gentle in time.6. it's easy to deceive others, it's easier to deceive yourself, but it's really a little hard to deceive the world. Time is fair, where you spend it, it results. Steadfastly forward, take every step, even if the speed is a little slower, life will also give you a satisfactory outcome.73. If the heart is simple, life is simple; if the heart is complex, life is full of pain.22. Those who are not prepared are those who are prepared to fail! find the good in any suffering!81. The world will be more perfect by turning an angry mood into a soft one and a soft one into love.


                75. If you have a constant, why do you have to sleep at five shifts?Take yesterday as a memory, continue to work today, and follow him tomorrow.54. We are not willing to waste ourselves when we are suffering, but we should strive to achieve ourselves in good times.41. It is easier to deceive others than to deceive yourself, but it is a bit difficult to deceive the world. Time is fair, where you spend it, it results. Steadfastly forward, take every step, even if the speed is a little slower, life will also give you a satisfactory outcome.I am confident, so I succeed; I can, I can.50. Competition is like playing tennis. Playing with your opponent will improve your level.{静态_随机英句57. Pleasure and luck come at a cost. There is no free lunch!99. Those who try to do something fail do not know much better than those who do nothing but succeed.82. The road to success is full of thorns, but only with bitter battles.87. There is a kind of power called enlarge the goal, there is a kind of wisdom called reduce the problem, there is a commitment called life integrity, there is a kind of agreement called peak meet, there is a kind of happiness called fate cherish fate, there is a belief called sure success!

                110. Only those who are not afraid of death deserve to live.100. The integrity of life lies in forgiveness, tolerance, waiting to wait and to love, and, without it, to have all, to be nothing. Life is so short, why let the unimportant people affect their important mood.People live to solve difficulties. This is the meaning of life, but also the content of life. Escape is not the way, knowing is often the best way to solve the problem.82. It is true that life does not allow it to come to you. It is you who seek it and understand it.8. today's achievement is yesterday's sweat, tomorrow's success still needs today's effort.It is strange that somehow, when I was young, I tried to act like an adult; and when I was no longer a child, I wanted to be a child.28. The spring water of the mountain stream has been winding all the way sing a wonderful song.

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              12. 0111. The road depends on oneself, even if again rough, also want oneself to pass.
              13. 0272. When there is no pursuit in the eyes, it must be when the heart is dead.
              14. 03No matter how great you feel, there will always be someone better than you; no matter how unhappy you feel, there will always be someone worse than you.
              15. 049. do useful things, say reliable words, think good things, sleep well, spend time on progress, not complaining. Morning!
              16. 05You can't control the weather, but you can change your mood.
              17. 06Don't push yourself to know you ca n' t.
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              19. 0895. A man without integrity, even if he is intelligent, is always a dangerous man.
              20. 0915. Do useful things, say positive things, think good things, and sleep well. take time on progress rather than complaining.
              21. 1044. Success must be faster than parents' old age.
              22. 1189. Time can change too many things in this world, but there are people who can never change things if you believe them.
              23. 1283. The quickest and surest way to conquer fear and build self-confidence is to do what you fear until you have a successful experience.
              24. 1310. The way you walk will be the scenery in your memories; all your experiences will be your wealth; the burdens you have borne will be your gifts; and the hardships you suffer will illuminate your future path.
              25. 149. most worthy of appreciation of the scenery, is their own struggle footprints.
              26. 154. be kind to others, considerate to others, love life and live hard.
              27. 168. we have nothing, the only capital is youth. Dream makes me different, struggle makes me change my destiny!
              28. 1726. The so-called independent personality is to know how to take care of oneself, can enjoy the present life heartily; does not often confide to others, has the ability to dispel own suffering; rarely displays the aggression, because own heart is strong and gentle; does not be incited by the cheap speech, insists own judgment does not regret.
              29. 1875. The sweat on your eyebrows is the same as the tears under your eyebrows.
              30. 1998. Where there is a will, there is a thousand things to do, but where there is no will, there is difficult.
              31. 2026. I appreciate your talent in this regard.
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