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          11. 85. Patience is superior to brains.

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            children55. Master leads the way, learning skills in themselves.sopopularasgoodness. most welcome is good deeds.35. Consider every day of life as the last day of life.38. Don't complain. Do n' t always feel like you've never met your talents.

            In education we are striving not to teach youth to make a living, but to make a life.

            37. In prosperity, one more thought; in adversity, one more courage; in success, one more indifference; in loss, one more faith. Life is always like this, you think lost, may be on the way to; you think have, may be on the way to.79. While young, there is no reason not to break, even if the defeat, I will lose the beautiful!As long as the road is right, it is not afraid to go far.Don't say no. How do you know you have n' t done it yet? Be strong and don't be weak.67. The stone looks at the grain mountain to see the vein, the person looks at the ambition qi tree to see the material.Do what you want, do what you want, do well, and even if no one applauds you, at least be brave enough to appreciate yourself. When you continue to applaud for their rough life, refueling, will welcome others applause and applause.Don't be disturbed by anyone, for no one knows and cares about his dreams as well as you do.80. What makes people tired is not a mountain in the distance, but a grain of sand in the shoe.84. Do not hide tears and vulnerability. The strongest people, always peaceful with them.

            38. To die is to be wise; to live is to live.Happiness can only be doubled if you know how to share it.21. The secret of success is to be consistent with your goals.67. If the future then Ling Yunzhi, dare to laugh yellow nest not husband.93. The hardest part of life is not that no one understands you, but that you do not understand yourself.92. The faster you run, the greater the resistance to the wind. resistance with achievement.1. details determine fate, attitude determines height.50. Man can not create opportunities, but it can seize those that have emerged.33. A man does not lose his way.87. A man of the Tao must not be a friend without righteousness. Drink quiet tea, do not covet wine. Open the door, gossip mouth.1. courage is not to feel fear but to feel fear and continue to do it.9. must believe in the place which the dream can reach, one day the footstep also can reach.38. The most powerful people are those who bear a heavy load in their hearts, but who appear to be indifferent.


            72. Life is like this glass of strong wine, and it won't be so delicious without repeated refinements. Guo XiaochuanTime :2019-08-0323:39 Source: Click: Numbe67. How much thought, how much energy.9. do not seek to compare with people, but to transcend themselves, to cry out tears of excitement, to laugh out the growing character.69. Remember! Only one time is the most important, that is now.75. Fate can be changed.{静态_随机英句Anger is to punish oneself with what others do wrong.66. The road is long, and I will not stop pursuing it.Life is like a big pot, when you go to the bottom of the pot, as long as you are willing to work hard, no matter which direction, are up this is our firm belief!67.Don't think people talk to you for a few days, people are interested in you, maybe people want to find you because of boredom.

            17. Make no excuses for failure, but only for success.28. If you really choose to do one thing, the whole world will help you.16. Goals and beliefs give a lasting impetus to the human spirit.No one can suffer for you, and no one can take away your strength.89. It is not a good scholar to learn without asking.90. Your love of the day may bring thanks to the lives of others.

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          12. 0192. Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.
          13. 02111. Life is like the sea, and only the strong-willed can reach the other shore.
          14. 03Don't push yourself to know you ca n' t.
          15. 04Life is like a journey, and I am a pedestrian.
          16. 0585. Success is the crystallization of effort, and only effort can succeed.
          17. 0682. Everyone has a scar in his heart, and time is the best remedy.
          18. 0725. The cultivator believed most in his own sweat, and every drop gave birth to a seed of hope.
          19. 0895. No matter how unhappy you feel, there is always someone who is more unfortunate than you. From inspirational quotes
          20. 0913. Sadness is an indescribable heat embedded in the heart, unspeakable. What can be said is not sad.
          21. 1067. The reason for the failure of life is: hate oneself obviously unwilling ordinary, but not hard work.
          22. 1174. Thanks to pain and frustration, it is our lesson, from which we train and then break through, so that we can truly be free.
          23. 1293. Telescopes can see distant targets, but they can not take half a step instead of you.
          24. 1376. Start a panic, stop and unrepeatable memory.
          25. 1439. The establishment of great things in life is not known, but can be done.
          26. 15If there were less sympathy in the world, there would be less trouble in the world.
          27. 1649. If you're a stranger, please do n' t throw cold water on the people in progress, whether it's a community event or a trip, whether it's's an entrance examination or a song, and even if you have a say in it, do n' t feel like they're doing a piece of cake, as long as a person is doing a thing carefully and attentively, no matter how small and easy it seems to you, it's worth really encouraging.
          28. 1765. Flowers bloom, leaving fragrance; rain, leaving refreshing; wind blowing, leaving graceful; dawn, leaving a dream; wake up, then get up! Haha, good morning!
          29. 1819. A warrior does not sink, but a coward drowns in calm.
          30. 19The fate of man has only two consequences. The first is poverty, everywhere is restricted by the environment, feeling unable to show themselves, the second is rich, can easily use money to open the way for themselves, enjoy a happy and happy life.
          31. 2038. More than develops more power than ninety-nine who have only interests.
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          33. 0175. Fate is responsible for shuffling, but playing cards is our own!
          34. 0268. To be a person who is slowly blooming in time, knowing the world, but not worldly, proud, more compassionate, see the harsh life, but still calm to warm heart. All the tricks of life in mind, but still love life. Morning!
          35. 0341. Most people in life look far away, because there is a clear direction in our hearts, and we are constantly trying to move in the direction, hoping that one day we can no longer look far away, but have reached a distant destination.
          36. 04You can get the world with love, you can lose the world with hate.
          37. 052. less preset expectations, that care for people more comfortable.
          38. 0660. Fear not the past, fear not the future.
          39. 0781. Life requires constant reminders, and responsibility requires constant beating.
          40. 0872. Only creation is true enjoyment, and only struggle is full life.
          41. 0986. Any restriction begins within oneself.
          42. 1051. After some experience, you finally understand that impermanence is the norm in life. Because it's not family, no one has to be in whose life; it's not what you expect, and it's really going to happen all by your script. People this life, is in laughter and tears between repeated practice, how willing to gamble and lose, how no regrets. ??
          43. 1177. Everyone will miss, everyone has missed, really belong to you, never miss.
          44. 1215. The determination of goals is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the tools for success. Without it, genius would be in vain in a paradoxical maze.
          45. 1367. To change things, change yourself first; to make things better, make yourself stronger first.
          46. 1441. Work efficiency and quality are determined first by attitude and second by ability. How much heart you use, your achievement will be how much. All efforts, dedication, can make a difference.
          47. 1545. Genius is like this. A lifetime of labor is a genius. Mendeleev
          48. 1626. Your face is to present God's most valuable gift to mankind smile, must be your greatest asset to work.
          49. 1738. Don't be wronged by others and change yourself. You are the only you, precious you, proud you, beautiful you. Love yourself.
          50. 1824. The ambition is not far away from the session, the poor mountains and seas can not be limited; ambition of the direction, invincible.
          51. 1964. Success is a process, not a result.
          52. 2067. Those who did great things in ancient times did not only possess superior material, but also had the will of perseverance and perseverance.
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